About Us

Company Profile

Ecozym Limited, trading as Exo Flava was established as a small size enterprise. Today we pride ourselves in the bulk production of pure and natural products that aim to exceed the expectation of our customers. Whether you are a cooking enthusiast, artisan baker or a spice connoisseur we have a fiesta of flavors perfect for you! With our extensive selection of herbs and spices, we are confident that they will become staples in your kitchen. We strive in making (Exo Flava) a renowned household name through consistency in quality and seamless integration with excellent customer service.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to provide our customers with high quality, delicious tasting food seasoning , healthy ingredients and custom blends within a sustainable and nature-respecting environs.

To be one of the leading Manufacturers of Fast moving consumer good in the region and beyond.

Vision Statement

Our Core Values

Our customer focused endeavors has seen us produce a wide range of pure & natural quality spices that are grouped as Masalas, Pure ground spices, Peppers, Seasonings and Herbs.
Our modernized manufacturing systems are hygiene sensitive and also KEBS and NEEMA certified. We manufacture all our products with highest degree of quality and safety. Ecozym employees work as a team with a common goal of quality in all deliverables and undertakings.
We achieve effective implementation and adherence to food safety and quality practices through ensuring that all employees are competent, sufficiently trained and actively involved in the application of food safety principals in their duties and through continuous improvements.
Located at industrial area, Off Lunga Lunga road, Nairobi Kenya, we seek to attract and serve profitable clients.  
You can easily reach us through info.exoflava@gmail.com or phone 0110053086.
You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram as Exo Flava.
Incase of any inquiries, you can contact us and we will respond as soon as we can.